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  • Silicone Infused Vegan Foundation Base Primer – Highly Concentrated Transparent Base for Easy Application and True Professional Results. Suitable for All Skin Types, Even the Most Sensitive Skin


  • Improves the Longevity Of The Foundation – Holds the Foundation In Place Much Longer Than Usual, Thanks to Its Unique Silicone Formula


  • Smoothes the Surface Of The Skin – Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Enlarged Pores, Leaving a Smooth, Porcelain Like Base


  • Lightweight, Silky Smooth Texture – Does not Clog Pores and Allows the Skin to Breath, Leaving it Velvety and Smooth


  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – You Facial Skin will Look & Feel Flat Even & Intact….


  • Effective Silicone Infused Vegan Foundation Base Primer
  • Efficiantly Smoothes the Surface of the Skin
  • Improves the Longevity and Appearance of Foundation
  • Extremely Lightweight with a Silky Smooth Texture
  • Suitable for All Skin Types Even the Most Sensitive


Apply a very small amount on moisturized skin. Wait for about a minute before applying your foundation


cyclomethicone, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, fragrance.


Is the primer suitable for all skin conditions?
Our primer is suitable for all skin conditions except for active acne. If your skin is prone to enlarged pores, dryness, oiliness, or small wrinkles, our primer is highly recommended as it rejuvenates the skin without clogging the pores.
Gaya’s primer contains unique and high-quality silicones, which are easily spread on the skin and give it a velvety texture.

Besides creating a uniform and smooth texture on the skin, does your primer have other advantages?
Using Gaya’s primer will not only give you smooth and uniform skin, but will also ensure your makeup lasts longer.


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14 reviews for Face Primer Foundation Base

  1. 5 out of 5

    testing Orit121

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  2. 5 out of 5

    testing A must haveI have recently become a vegan and have been searching for a vegan primer. I have been looking for a primer that competes with high end/non vegan primers I have used in the past. This primer not only compares but is actually better than high end primers I have used before. It leaves the skin soft and silky and gives make up a very good base to work from. This primer feels light on the skin. I have used this primer for 5 months practically every day and I won't be needing to replace it anytime soon! And all the better for being vegan!

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  3. 5 out of 5

    testing Essential - and a sound investmentI came across this product on Amazon after searching for vegan primer. To me, it seemed a bit pricey but in a rare moment of fancy, put it through the checkout straight away. I've had mine since mid July 2015 - have used every day for the last 3 months and have hardly made a dent in the bottle content. Your money goes a long way. It does exactly as described - makes make-up application easier, gives a fabulous finish, and your foundation and anything else you wish to apply lasts lots longer. It is lighter than any other primer I have ever used. When I first started using it, because I couldn't 'feel' it on my skin I was putting on double doses. After a couple of experiments I discovered one pump is plenty. A couple of seconds after application you can only tell it's there because your skin will feel smoother, not because you can detect a residue. I'm not a beauty routine obsessed bod. I'm a 'only if I have time' 30 something who doesn't exfoliate half as much as she should. So if it does good things for me...

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  4. 5 out of 5

    testing As good as SmashboxBeautiful product, bought this instead of my usual smash box, and love it. Makes my skin silky, beautifully glowing and my make up just goes on easily and beautifully. love the fact its vegan. will be buying again.

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  5. 5 out of 5

    testing This is the best primer I have triedThe best primer I've ever tried (and I've tried all the good ones from Smashbox to Tarte, Laura Mercier to Nars). This primer leaves your skin lovely and soft and helps my make up to stay in place for the whole day. Amazing!

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